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In 1997 Stealth finished at the Blue Note (in Hoxton), and Ninja Tune's sister label Big Dada was launched. was released in September 1997, making its way to the Top 40, reaching No. Hex later evolved the software into the engine that was used on the Let Us Play! Having worked as an intern in the Ninja Tune office in the mid 1990s, Jason Swinscoe became an instrumental part of the team, and by 1998 he released his first 12" as The Cinematic Orchestra, Diabolus, shortly followed by the full length Motion.The surprise hit and gathered samples from unlikely sources. Federal Communications Commission decided that DJ Vadim and Sarah Jones’ pro-women empowerment record Your Revolution was "indecent" for radio.1, which, according to Record Collector, "blew up" in the DJ circuit.DJ Food's Jazz Brakes series were intended as musical "food" or, in other words, source material for DJs and producers who worked with breaks and beats.Coldcut's contribution to Britain's flourishing scene was solidified by their Solid Steel show on London's Kiss FM, on airwaves since 1988.

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4 onwards, an integral part of the DJ Food production team. ] Bush's speech into a pop hook (‘Regrettably, we now believe/ That only force will make him leave’) and interspersing quotes from Jello Biafra (‘don't hate the media, become the media!

That same year, Swinscoe began performing live with an expanded line-up, featuring Federico Ughi on drums, Alex James on piano and DJ Food's Patrick Carpenter on turntables. Scruff's Keep It Unreal was released in the summer of 1999. The decision ended up in court in 2002, where arguments were advanced for freedom of speech, freedom of expression and to argue the double standards of the ban and fine.

the album opened with BBC Radio 1 DJ Mary Ann Hobbes asking, "Are you ready Mr. In 2000, Ninja Tune celebrated its first decade of music with Xen Cuts, a three CD, 6 x LP box set that provided a collection of their artists.

The genre originated in England as a successor to acid house, taking in acid jazz and funk, and using hip hop style breakbeats rather than the mechanical '4 on the floor' drum rhythm of house.

Ninja artists especially looked beyond the normal sampling sources of old funk records into jazz, epitomised by Ninja act The Cinematic Orchestra.

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