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The International Man will in the near future be launching its own PRIVILEGE & BENEFIT VIP MEMBERSHIP CARD - named simply 'The Card'.Members will receive special privileges, benefits and preferential rates with selected partner hotels, restaurants, our LUXURY WEBSHOP, and more.Product prices are subject to change without notice.Information displayed on may occasionally contain typographical errors, inaccuracies, or omissions that relate to product descriptions and pricing.

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Laurel Pine, Living Luxury is not responsible for customer mistakes during ordering, and will not bear financial responsibility for such errors.The report, entitled Welfare Aspects of the Production of Foie Gras in Ducks and Geese, found that the mortality rate among ducks and geese, whose livers are used to produce the pate, is up to 10 times higher than that of other farmed birds.The scientists also discovered that the animals, which are kept in near darkness during the force-feeding period, showed "avoidance behaviour" indicating aversion for the person who feeds them and the feeding procedure.If order contains only dry goods, the product will be shipped by UPS ground, USPS Priority Mail, or Fed Ex ground for a low flat fee charge.Dry goods are generally shipped separately from perishable items. The shopping cart is secure and SSL encrypted (scrambled).

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