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For instance, MONEY’s Best Credit Card’s Chase Sapphire Preferred cardholders should spend ,000 within 90 days to earn the sign-up bonus.

If you have to extend your budget to reach that number, then the card isn’t right for you.

The selling point of the American Express Blue Cash Preferred, for instance, is 6% cash back on groceries up to the first ,000 spent, which roughly dovetails with what those in the upper middle class dole out in a year.

That means by using that one card, you can earn an extra 0.

Don’t Just Pick Any Card Your first step is to figure out what you want your credit card to do for you. Consult MONEY’s Best Credit Cards rankings to understand what options are out there and the variety of roles cards can play in your wallet.

Do Check Your Credit History Unsurprisingly, credit cards with premier terms and rewards are targeted to those with the best credit.

Nearly 70% of millennials, for instance, prefer debit to credit, according to a recent survey by Chime.

A blind refusal to adopt credit, however, can hurt your long term wealth.

A great score, for instance, means you’ll pay less when it comes to borrowing money for a house or a car.Do what you have to do to stay current, whether that means setting up automatic payments, a Google Calendar alert or paste yellow sticky notes all over your office.Do Pick Your Credit Card Due Dates If you still have trouble remembering, you can always pick a payment date that sticks in your head.That way you avoid a late payment fee – usually around – and a hit to your credit score.Remember, 35% of your FICO score is determined by your payment history.

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