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Once the material has solidified, the model is cut out. After cooling down, the wax casting is removed from the mould, provided with sprues and dipped into ceramic mass.

The ceramic mass is hardened in a kiln, and the wax flows out (lost mould).

Sculpture "The Book Reader" by Ernst Barlachs is shown here as an example: First, the artist forms a model of his sculpture.

It is embedded in a liquid silicone rubber composition.

Now we finally have the negative form, into which the 1400 ° C hot molten bronze is poured.

After the bronze had cooled down, the ceramic shell is broken off and the sculpture comes to light.

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Impressionism gave a new impulse to the sculptural arts.Now the sprues are removed, the surfaces are polished, patinated and numbered by the artist himself or, to his specifications, by a specialist.Thus, each casting becomes an original work For lower-grade bronze castings, the sand casting method is often used which, however, does not achieve the results of more complex lost wax technique in terms of surface characteristics and quality.Your use of this data constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions set forth below.If you do not agree to those terms and conditions, please click on Cancel/Abbrechen.

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