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I was struggling with my i Phone when a 6-year-old relative took it from my hand, went to settings, changed something and — voila! That's Gen Z — kids born after 1996, ranging in age from babies to teens.

Gen Z is our children's children and the kids of Gen Xers and even younger boomers who had babies later in their lives.

For instance, 72% of current high school students want to someday own their own businesses and 89% spend free time on creative or productive activities instead of just “hanging out.” Where is Generation Z?

This is the first set of digital natives, born into a world where virtual life dominates real life.

Generation Z is rising in financial, cultural, and social power in the United States and more and more people and companies are starting to pay attention.

Now their Gen Z kids are practicing active-shooter evasion techniques.When it comes to social media, it is important to note that video rules above all else.This generation turns to how-to You Tube videos instead of reading how-to Wikis.Many of us "nanny" the grandkids to help our working adult children, so we have close encounters of all kinds with Gen Z.What do we need to know about these tech-savvy tots and teens?

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