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All of the best Ty Cobb game bats share this very trait.

The knob of the bat displays a carved "B," the exact meaning of which is unknown.

There is no doubt that professional model decal bats were used by a number of Major League players during the dead-ball era, though it is also the case that this practice was limited to very few players who were under contract and whose images were used on decal store-model bats (a universe of only a dozen or so players), such as Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Roger Bresnahan, and Hank Gowdy.

Lastly, it is also important to note that from 1911-16, there are no known signature model bats of any player.

Of the twenty-two Ty Cobb pro-model bats that are known to exist in the MEARS population report to date, only four date from 1911-1916; and of these four, two are decal-style bats.

(Note: This is the highest-graded of the two.) A total of only four professional model decal game bats are known: two Ty Cobb, one Honus Wagner and one Nap Lajoie. Graded A7 by MEARS (base grade of 5, plus 3 points for use, minus 1 point for the carving on the knob).

H&B produced several different designs of Ty Cobb H&B bat decals.

Ty Cobb game bats dating from the 1911-1916 era are much rarer than those dating from later eras.Of extra special note is also the fact that the barrel features a seven-inch flattened hitting surface.This is a very desirable trait for Ty Cobb pro-model bats.Approximately 85% of the decal remains intact and both Cobb's signature and image are clearly visible.Below his image is the endorsement "[Cobb] Uses the Louisville Slugger Bat Exclusively." As previously noted, the bat perfectly matches the specifications of other Ty Cobb professional-model bats in all respects.

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