Is dating a separated man adultery

Again, the right of the husband over his wife is qualified by the good of human generation.

Thus we are told by the historian Spartianus that Verus, the colleague of Marcus Aurelius, did not hesitate to declare to his reproaching wife: "Uxor enim dignitatis nomen est, non voluptatis." (Verus, V). This Lecky gathers from the legal maxim of Ulpian: "It seems most unfair for a man to require from a wife the chastity he does not himself practice" (Cod.

Just., Digest, XLVIII, 5-13; Lecky, History of European Morals, II, 313).

In the Mosaic Law, as in the old Roman Law, adultery meant only the carnal intercourse of a wife with a man who was not her lawful husband.

In the Christian law this discrimination against the wife is emphatically repudiated. Thus, in Massachusetts the adultery of the husband, unlike that of the wife, was not sufficient ground for divorce.

In the law of Jesus Christ regarding marriage the unfaithful husband loses his ancient immunity ( Matthew 19:3-13 ). And the same most likely was the case in Plymouth Plantation (Howard, A History of Matrimonial Institutions, II, 331-351).

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