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Rite In the Western Church the sacrament is usually administered by the bishop.

At the beginning of the ceremony there is a general imposition of hands, the bishop meantime praying that the Holy Ghost may come down upon those who have already been regenerated : "send forth upon them thy sevenfold Spirit the Holy Paraclete ." He then anoints the forehead of each with chrism saying: "I sign thee with the sign of the cross and confirm thee with the chrism of salvation, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost." Finally, he gives each a slight blow on the cheek saying: "peace be with thee". Minister The bishop alone is the ordinary minister of confirmation. A bishop confirms validly even those who are not his own subjects; but to confirm licitly in another diocese he must secure the permission of the bishop of that diocese.

As Peter the Lombard declares: Pontifex per impositionem manus confirmandos ungit in fronte (IV Sent., dist. The chrism employed must be a mixture of olive oil and balsam consecrated by a bishop.

(For the manner of this consecration and for other details, historical and liturgical, see CHRISM.) The difference regarding the form of the sacrament, i.e.

From the external rite it is known as the "imposition of hands" ( epithesis cheiron ), or as "anointing with chrism" ( unctio, chrismatio, chrisma, myron ).

The names at present in use are, for the Western Church, confirmatio , and for the Greek, to myron .

In the Greek Church and in Spain, infants are now, as in earlier times, confirmed immediately after baptism.A prayer is added that the Holy Spirit may dwell in the hearts of those who have been confirmed, and the rite closes with the bishop's blessing. This is expressly declared by the Council of Trent (Sess. Simple priests may be the extraordinary ministers of the sacrament under certain conditions.The Eastern Church omits the imposition of hands and the prayer at the beginning, and accompanies the anointing with the words: "the sign [or seal ] of the gift of the Holy Ghost." These several actions symbolize the nature and purpose of the sacrament : the anointing signifies the strength given for the spiritual conflict; the balsam contained in the chrism, the fragrance of virtue and the good odor of Christ ; the sign of the cross on the forehead, the courage to confess Christ, before all men; the imposition of hands and the blow on the cheek, enrollment in the service of Christ which brings true peace to the soul. In such cases, however, the priest cannot wear pontifical vestments, and he is obliged to use chrism blessed by a Catholic bishop.Additional details are given below in the historical outline.Recipient Confirmation can be conferred only on those who have already been baptized and have not yet been confirmed. Thomas says: Confirmation is to baptism what growth is to generation.

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