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The duo will be sharing their windfall with a few key investors.

According to the Wall Street Journal, in early 2011 the start up raised million from venture capital firm Benchmark Capital, which valued the company at about million.

This publication may be subject to lawsuits from the Church of Scientology for publishing this proprietary science fiction.

Despite the unexceptional nature of this power, those conferred with it are prone to exhibit the wanton tendencies of mad kings.

In SNL’s cold open, Kenan Thompson’s Santa and a “libtard” elf played by Kate Mc Kinnon discovered that kids these days are much more grown up than they used to be.

They know all about current events and want to know more.

But he has not entirely abandoned his love of food, taking photographs of long cooking sessions, enjoying a recent dinner with British chef Jamie Oliver, and admitting on Facebook that 'champagne' is one of his favourite things (and he'll be able to afford a few extra bottles now).

Both men's profiles hint that they enjoy the finer things in life - Systrom, who was in fraternity Sigma Nu while at university, listing bowties and corduroy among his interests, while Krieger is pictured alongside vintage cars - and during a recent meeting with Michelle Obama.

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