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Across five albums and nearly two decades since, Trina has continued to play the same role for a generation of women.We love her contagious confidence, her commitment to emotional honesty, how great she looks in a skintight red carpet dress.Earlier this week, in the dressing room of a Toronto strip club, we spoke about heartbreak, the sound of her sixth album, and wanting women to in rap to show more solidarity with each other. It's just all about the business and it's not personal. So sometimes I see this stuff happening and I want to be just about the music.I want it to be the Million Women's March out here.

But, she wasn’t just a “fun girl.” Trina’s issue with French is the fact that they were Friends, so for him to carry in the way he has, making her sound like a jump off is disrespectful.

Trina said that she was there for French as he was going through his divorce, giving him advice to “man up,” also giving him a place to stay whenever he was in Miami, and they had a business relationship.

Jill Munroe is a Los Angeles-based sports culture analyst and author.

But Trina had reached the point in her life where she was turned down, ready to be wifey.

He was looking for the “fun girl.” With James Harden, she said that they were really just friends. She knew that he was going to go through that transition period.

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